No One is Leaving

by Mia McDonaldMia

I’m a mother of 5 who can’t leave the house without disaster, tears and/or damage to person or property. I just need a place to vent.

Mia McDonald is a member of our Family Advisory Board and actually is a super Mom to her brood which includes all that can come with autism in the mix . Her humor and loving approach to the everyday trials of parenthood offer others a model of how to survive.   We will be sharing her posts from her blog from time to time .Enjoy


I had one goal: be appropriately dressed for karate this week. My goal did not include dressing the children, or even bringing all of them along as I was supposed to. I had the correct underthings in hand – I was not going to feel insecure of my striped underpants shining through my white gi like a yield sign like last week. But when I emerged from changing, #4 had a squirt gun and #5 declared he wasn’t going to karate. One raised eyebrow sent #4 into the bathroom and clearly expressed to #5 that I was going with or without him. #3 was standing next to the door, ready to go, God bless that wonderful child. #2 was missing. #1 was establishing himself with his awesome autism teen statements of, “Look. This is just too tiring.” Sing it, sister.

We were all there 15 minutes late, but I had a sports bra. Success.