Heidi Robbins

Vice Chairwoman

Hi, I’m Heidi Robbins. I live in Millbury and represent the families of the South Valley DDS area.

I have 2 sons (14yrs & 12yrs) on the autism spectrum and a “typical” daughter who has graduated from college. Jake was diagnosed with PDD(NOS) at 3yrs old after many attempts to have any doctors to take our concerns seriously. Just the word autism brought with it so many unknowns for our family. The school psychologist suggested I call ARCCM. Sue Loring answered the phone that day and although I was unsure if I should even call, I soon realized the enormous support the center offers. Sadly, I soon learned that Ben was also affected and he was given the diagnosis of autism about a year later. The Autism Resource Center grows with families. Our needs may change and the Center offers activities and supports for all ages of our children (and parents!)

I first got involved with the Autism Resource Center by attending an all day conference and other educational workshops and receiving the newsletter. This lead to music therapy, safety swimming with the kids and other family activities like Sharks & Tornado games, Breezy waterslides, and Pump it Up. So many things I may not have tried with my children if I didn’t know that other supportive parents would be surrounding me. I encourage everyone to try it and connect with a community of families who truly care and share in the triumphs and challenges of autism.

Heidi Robbins
Family Advisory Board member since 2008