Kelly Carey


Hi, I’m Kelly Carey. I live in Shrewsbury and represent the families of
the Worcester DDS area.

My husband Wayne and I have three boys, all of which have Autism to
varying degrees. Wayne 14 (PDD-NOS), Gage 11 (Autism) and Joel 9(PDD-NOS).
They have many challenges. We face those challenges as a united force with
hope and lots of laughter. They are amazing gifts that we are thankful for

The Center has been a priceless resource for us in so many different ways
that I cannot even begin to express. The support that we receive through
all the programs the Center has to offer has been immense. Sensory Gyms
provide my children with a much needed outlet to work on gross motor, fine
motor and sensory issues. The family activities are amazing, especially
during the summer and school vacations when my children struggle the most
without the structure of school. Pump It Up, movies, Breezy Park. The
Center has provided us as a family so many opportunities to try new things
in the safety of a loving, supportive, nonjudgmental environment.
Activities that we could not participate in outside of the support of the
Center. The past 3 summers two of my children attended Camp Havvago. A
sleepover camp is something I never thought possible for them. The Center
has made that possible.

The Center is always evolving by coming up with new and inventive ways to
support us as parents and our children. I have served on the Family
Advisory Board since 2009 and have been honored to do so. I want to share
my knowledge, ideas and experience with other families that face the same
challenges. Please come and share in the remarkable gifts that the Center
has to offer our amazing children.

Kelly Carey
Family Advisory Board member since 2009