Kim Athanassiades

Hi, I’m Kim Athanassiades, I Live in Oxford, Ma and represent the families of the South valley, DDS AREA.

I have 2 children. I have an 10 year old son, who has Asperger syndrome, and a 7 year old daughter who is typically developing. Our son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at the age of 17 months old. from there we started with Early Intervention, and services through HMEA. After Colyn received the diagnosis, the very first thing I did was call the Autism Resource Center of Central Mass for guidance. With all of the training we, as parents received through the Resource center on many different aspects of Autism and the best ways to handle situations they may arise, Colyn is now fully integrated in the 5th grade, has many friends and engages in play with his sister. This has been a blessing for our family.

My husband, Stelios and I are both heavily involved with the Autism Resource Center of Central Mass through my husband, Stelios, helping to lead up the 5K for the 2nd year, and myself being on the family advisory board for the past 5 years. We fully enjoy giving back to the center our time, for all they have helped us with in the past 8 years.

Some of the ways our family, as a whole, have benefited from the Resource Center are the multiple activities that both our children are invited to attend, such as, days at pump it up during school vacations, sensory gyms to sign up for on the weekends, going to the movies with the center as a family, not caring who is loud, or yelling or running around the theatre, the annual Holiday party in December where the kids get to interact with other children, eat meals that are gfcf, dance, sing karaoke, Sibshops for siblings, to teach them about their sibling with an ASD, and support groups for parents . Nights for moms to get out together and share stories of our children, which for me, has always been the best support group. There is so much more than just these things I have listed that the Autism Resource Center of Central Mass offers to families. I invite you to join us for the next or all of the functions we offer. I would love to meet you and answer any question you or your family members may have about the center.

Kim Athanassiades
Family Advisory Board member since 2010