Volunteer or Intern

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Volunteer Program

Individuals of all ages donate time working on a regular weekly schedule or just intermittently for specific projects. Volunteer time could be at the Resource Center or with families or in the community. The Center’s Advisory Board has a number of subcommittees that work on special projects, such as Fundraisers, Conference planning and Family Activities. Volunteers serve on subcommittees for short term and long term projects.
Volunteers Inquire Here!

We are currently seeking Volunteers for our Annual Walk/Run for Autism Committee  . The Event is scheduled for April 29, 2017 . We’ll also need volunteers for the day of the event.  Interested? Contact Wanja Kiraguri, Event and Development Coordinator at 508-298-1607 or email her at Wanjak@hmea.org



College students interested in a truly supported learning experience may choose to work with staff in various areas of the Center operations. Those seeking increased knowledge of the Autism Spectrum may choose to spend time with these unique children, and in conjunction with utilizing various aspects of what the Resource Center has to offer, developing a greater understanding of Autism with its many perplexing issues.

Students may also choose to work on other projects, communications, and marketing. While these areas do not include working hands-on with our children, students will gain knowledge of how to effectively fundraise for the autism community, promote awareness through outreach campaigns; organize and effectively lead volunteers.

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