Kristen Saad – Vice Chairperson

SAADSHi my name is Kristen Saad and I currently live in Worcester. I have three boys Codie (1999), Bradyn (2006) & Trevor  (2009). Codie and Trevor are both  on the spectrum while Bradyn has a unique set of challenges . Codie and Trevor both currently attend Worcester public schools in programs that they both seem to be thriving in thankfully.  Bradyn currently attends Nashoba Learning Group where he’s doing very well  and the teachers are amazing, truly caring for Bradyn and his needs.

When Codie originally got his diagnosis he was 3 and no one really gave me any direction. I got his diagnosis started early intervention and then went into the school system on an IEP. I knew no different until Bradyn and Trevor came along. Originally they thought Trevor was hearing impaired. After several tests they realized his hearing was fine and sent us for autism testing at LADDDERS in Lexington where he got his diagnosis and so started the journey. He was diagnosed at 18 months they gave me a thick packet of materials and different resources and I was sent on my way very emotional and overwhelmed. The first thing I saw was some info on a walk so I signed up.

From then on I have tried to become as active with the center as I possibly could. I have always been able to count on the center for support, understanding and guidance.  I always joke that we got thrown from our ship and had our heads bobbing in the water. Sue and the center came along and threw us a float and pulled us into their boat. I have been an active member of the walk committee since that first walk and I was walk chair for 5 years, the arrival of our daughter, Adelyn, this year means I will be walking as a family in the next few years.

I have been on the family advisory board for three years. My husband Richie was just as active as I was and chaired the golf committee for a few years. When he passed away in June of 2013 the people at the center were right there for me to help in any way .

Through the years we have enjoyed events such as Codie going to Camp Havvago, all the family fun activities, the holiday party,and Family Fun Days at Camp days just to name a few. I could not be prouder to be part of an organization that not only helps families in as many ways as they can with support and guidance,  but also a place that knows my name. Remembers my kids names and challenges I face with each of them as well as enjoying their progress. How could you not feel completely supported by an organization staffed by those that truly understand the walk we each put our shoes on and walk each day.

I am very excited about the  events the board is putting together for parents and hope to see you at one soon as well as at the walk in April !!

Kristen Saad

Advisory Board member since 2012