Priya Tikku

arccm-portrait-PriyaHi, I am Priya Tikku and I am thrilled to be here working at HMEA’s Autism Resource Central with Sue Loring and her amazing staff as an Autism Waiver Support Broker. Previously I worked at TILL’s Autism Support Center for two years in the same capacity working with the Boston families. I moved because of my long association with the center as I have a son on the autism spectrum. So when this opportunity came up, it was like coming home. Our center does amazing work and I am very excited to be part of it helping other families who walk through our doors, just like I did 18 years ago.


I live in Boxborough with my husband, Sanjay and two boys, Arjun and Amar. Arjun is off to college now but grew up coming to the summer camps held by the center and remembers the good times even today. Amar continues to participate in the Fun and Fitness program and other activities at the center. I hope to continue doing good work for all our families that we serve and in making a difference in their lives as much as I can