Tina Marie D’Asti – Secretary

DAsti FamilyHi. I’m Tina Marie D’Asti, I live in Bellingham, and I represent the families of the South Valley DDS area.

My husband, Stephen, and I have one child, Anthony – age 7, who is our bright light – our Northern Star.

We adopted Anthony via the Department of Children and Families shortly after his first birthday.  Our autism journey began just before his third birthday with the official diagnosis.  Those first months were filled with sleepless nights of searching endlessly on the web for answers, direction…hope.  We found all that and more with the Autism Resource Center.

HMEA’s Autism Resource Central threw us a life preserver and offered to guide us as we navigate thru these unknown and seemingly unchartered waters.   They have walked in our shoes, fought our battles and shed our tears.  I whole heartedly encourage you to reach out, ask questions, and connect.  You are not alone.


Most Sincerely,

Tina Marie D’Asti

Family Advisory Board Member since 2015