Lissa Jakusik

Position: Autism Waiver Support Broker

Lissa has a Bachelors in Acting from the University of Southern California where she also volunteered in the Joint Education Program, as an assistant teacher in classrooms all across South Central Los Angeles, CA. Lissa wrote commercials for the radio company where she had her first sales job; moved onto insurance, before landing as a Senior Partner in a Wealth Management firm, specializing in Exit Planning Strategies for family owned businesses. She took a nine year hiatus from finance, embarking on her new career as an Autism Mom, to a fabulous now 8 year old on the spectrum. Lissa brings valuable perspective as she has sat on ‘both sides of the table’, writing IEPs, 504s, screening ABA therapists, while creatively finding solutions to everyday challenges.  She trains dogs as a hobby, and lives in Grafton, MA, with her husband, daughter, two kitties and puppy.