We’re excited to introduce our new podcast: ASD Advantage! Through this podcast, we’ll be shining a light on the individuals we support – their skills, accomplishments, challenges, and more.

This Month’s Episode: Being a Self-Advocate

This month, we had the privilege of speaking with Susan Purcell, a social worker and mother of two teenage boys who has been a member of HMEA’s Autism Resource Central for nearly a decade. Susan was diagnosed with cancer at the end of 2021, and she recently had a major surgery to remove the tumor. It was a traumatic experience that required Susan to advocate for herself from the moment she was diagnosed. We’re grateful that Susan took the time to share her story, and we think autistic and neurotypical individuals alike can learn from her experience.

Previous Episodes

Episode 001: Life at FEMA

In our first episode, we’ll be hearing from Andrew, a college graduate who worked as a logistics specialist for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). Andrew supported FEMA during several disaster responses, including Hurricane Ida, when he traveled to Louisiana to support recovery efforts. Hear from Andrew as he shares the stories of his first post-college job while being on the spectrum.

Episode 002: Sharing Our Stories

For this month’s episode of ASD Advantage, we spoke with Ryan Litchfield, an Assumption University graduate who finds power in public speaking. Ryan told us about how he got started in public speaking, along with the rewards gained from sharing his personal experiences with Autism. Ryan had some powerful insights to share – especially as Autism Awareness Month begins.

Episode 003: Volunteering 101

Want to feel inspired? Listen to this month’s episode of ASD Advantage. We spoke with Tyler Burns, a Quinsigamond Community College graduate who’s passionate about helping others. When he’s not busy working at Home Depot, he can be found volunteering at his local senior center and through his church. It was a pleasure to hear from Tyler about the importance and rewards of volunteering.