If you have a child with autism, we know it can feel overwhelming, even scary. At Autism Resource Center, we offer a variety of resources that can help you on your journey. We’ll guide you towards the interventions and therapy your child needs… and make sure you have some fun along the way.


IEP Clinics (by appointment)
If you have a child who’s eligible for DDS services, they’ll also be eligible for our IEP clinics, which take place at our Worcester location. You’ll meet with a trained Special Education Advocate for an hour to review their child’s IEP and receive assistance and guidance on special education law procedures to request a change in plans. By the end of the clinic, you’ll leave with a written plan of action.

Sensory Clinics (by appointment)
During our Sensory Clinics, you’ll have the opportunity to consult with a licensed Pediatric OTR/L provider, who will work with your child for four half-hour sessions. A Sensory Profile Assessment will be done which will identify any sensory specific needs your child may or may not have. You’ll be given resources including websites, DIY sensory equipment, and sensory play activities. At the conclusion of the sessions, you’ll also be given an individual “sensory diet” for your child. Please contact us for an appointment time.


Family Fun Days
We offer a variety of monthly Family Fun Activities to give families an opportunity to meet with others and enjoy leisure activities in a supportive environment. Swim parties, bowling parties, holiday parties, visits to zoos and museums are some of the activities we have sponsored in the past. Activities are offered at a reduced cost.

Vacation Family Fun Days
During school vacations in December, February and April, we offer events to help fill the unstructured days that vacations create. These activities are open to children with ASD and siblings accompanied by a parent. Events are located in the communities across the region and are offered at a nominal cost.

Hardship Grants

We believe that cost shouldn’t be a barrier to providing autistic children with access to the treatments and activities in need. For families in need, Autism Resource Center can provide a limited number of hardship grants to cover the costs of activities. Please contact Kris Carigilia for more information.

DDS Autism Waiver Program

The Autism Waiver Program is provided by the Autism Division of the Department of Developmental Services (DDS). This program provides one-to-one interventions to help children with autism who exhibit severe behavior, social and communication problems through a service called Expanded Habilitation, Education (intensive in-home services and supports). This service occurs in the child’s home or other natural settings under the supervision of trained clinical staff and is available for a total of three years. The waiver is only available for children under 9 years old. Click here to find out more.

Important Links and Resources

Holiday Resources

Tools to Make the Holidays Enjoyable

Holiday Gift Request Resources & Ideas For Families in Central Massachusetts

  • Catholic Charities – Catholic Charities needs to be contacted by Diocese. They can be found on line or by calling any local Catholic parish.
  • Gardner and Winchendon – Families can contact or visit the Community Action Councils in their respective towns.
  • Housing Projects – Many of the bigger housing projects sign on to various donor groups, and residents may be able to get gifts there.
  • Places of Worship – Families may want to ask their local worship centers if they know of additional resources.
  • Project Just Because – Families need to register electronically at projectjustbecause.org
  • Salvation Army – Families should contact their local Salvation Army locations.
  • Schools – Families may want to ask their child’s guidance department or teachers if they know of additional community resources.
  • T & G Santa – The Telegram & Gazette collects funds and gives to various Salvation Army and Catholic Charity sites in Central Mass.
  • Town Clerk- Town Clerks tend to know much about what is offered in the communities they serve.
  • Toys for Tots – Go to toysfortots.org to make requests.