Over the next ten years, more than 500,000 adults with autism will enter the workforce. Studies show that the majority of adults with autism are either unemployed or underemployed, with estimates as high as 85%. At the Autism Resource Center, we don’t think this should be the case.

Some of the activities we offer throughout the year help adults with ASD learn how to manage relationships, hold conversations, and work with others as a team, all critical skills to succeeding in the workplace. Stay tuned for upcoming activities and workshops.

Neurodiversity @ Work

Picture this: you’re a highly skilled individual with ASD. You have unique talents and skills that should be shared with the world, but you can’t get employers to understand what you have to offer, and you aren’t getting what you need to succeed at work. That’s why our parent company, HMEA, has created the Neurodiversity @ Work program. The goal is to not only help neurodiverse individuals overcome barriers to employment, but to change hiring processes that don’t identify their talents effectively.

HMEA has partnered with DELL to provide neurodiverse individuals with experience in the technology field the opportunity to participate in the DELL Enterprise Technology Training Initiative scheduled for April 2020. Check out HMEA’s website for more information.

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC)

The MRC serves individuals with disabilities who are in need of assistance securing employment. Each location offers a variety of services, including job coaching, mock interviews, and workshops.

*This location has at least one bilingual staff member who serves the Hispanic community. Additionally, this location has at least one counselor for clients who are deaf or hard of hearing.