Julie Lebeau

Julie LeBeau

Position: Activities Coordinator

Julie LeBeau is the new activities coordinator at HMEA Autism Resource Central.
She started her career in an office environment doing accounting, medical billing, and
being an office manager. After many years in this field, she decided to go in a different
direction and spend more time working with children. She has many years of experience
working with children of all ages. She ran a large family daycare, kids’ camps, and
multiple activities throughout the years. She was also a foster parent which, along with
being a mom, is one of the most rewarding things she has done. For the last few years, she
has worked as an aide in the Special Education Program at an Elementary School.
Working with children with Autism these last few years has made her realize that
this is where her heart lies, what she wants to be doing. She is looking forward to this
new journey of bringing some much loved programs back to the center as well as
adding many new ones.

At home she lives with her husband, son, daughter, cat and dog.