Suzanne Wigen

Position: Respite Coordinator

Suzanne Wigen, formerly Suzanne Healy-Wurzburg, is a central Massachusetts native, now living outside of Worcester with her family. She spent time at multiple educational institutions, graduating in 2011 with a Bachelor of Marketing from Rhode Island College. With a background in the service industry and sales, she started her work at HMEA in 2017 as the Career Options Coordinator for adults at the Sterling Employment Center and the Millbury Employment Center. It was an incredible journey where she gained valuable perspective, experience, and lifelong friendships. Helping people gain employment and grow personally was exciting and rewarding.

Suzanne was hired at the Autism Resource Center as the Respite Coordinator after her
daughter was born in 2022. In her current role, she helps families gain access to valuable funding, organizes programming in the community, and helps to run our HMEA Summer Fun Family Day Camps- all thanks to the ARPA grant. As a lifelong supporter of inclusion for adults and children with all abilities, it has been so fun meeting and helping families. She is proud to belong to the HARC team!